Hello. My name is Angela DeSalvo and I am passionate about life and all that it represents for me and you. I love being in relationships and although I tend to be more of an introvert, I love engaging with others. What I do know about myself, is that it’s not always easy for me to initiate communication, but once in dialogue I could sit with someone for hours, sharing ideas and perspectives back and forth.  

I have always been a curious learner, but I will say that in the last seven years, I have discovered aspects of myself that have given me the courage to use my voice in a way that I never felt able to – or at least never noticed in myself. This is much of the personal work I continue to do. Through my own personal experiences my voice was stifled very early on in life.  While I believe using ones’ voice for personal good and self-care, is hard for many, I have found through many years of inner work, why and how I lost my voice and how to regain it.

This work has been primarily driven by the Enneagram and Numerology.

enneagram diagram
I used to hide, unknowingly, behind my personality and the things that “made me, me.” This too, I see is very normal for most humans. It’s not that there aren’t aspects of me that are absolutely who I am.  I’m just not as directed by the false narrative of who I once believed myself to be. Of course aspects of myself will always be elusive to me, this is the beauty of the mystery, but the majority of the time I get to be at a conscious choice of how I arrive in my life. This is due to my commitment to myself. My inner fire can no longer be snuffed out.
While there are many ways to contact the core of one’s being, my dominant sources have been remembering who I am through my natural gifts of intuition, emotional intelligence, equanimity, that of a medium, and the understanding of the Enneagram and Numerology. I share this intro about me because it is my purpose in life to offer my gifts and understanding to help you learn more about yourself. To help bring clarity where confusion or uncertainty resides.  To bring understanding where doubt or fear may live. To bring calmness to areas of anxiety and to offer tools to gain courage to show up in your life as the person you are meant to be.
dog running on sandy beach dune

Of all things in life, I am most passionate about living my life based on my worthiness and birthright to shine and be heard.  I’d like to offer you the same opportunity to discover that for yourself.  

For me personally, some of the things I love are walking barefoot on the beach and feeling the texture of the sand against my feet. I love watching the genuine joy of dogs running, sniffing and kicking the sand behind them when trying to capture a ball or how they run into the ocean to retrieve the stick because it offers them such pleasure. I love watching a beautiful sunset knowing it is the start to a new day for someone on the other side of the world. I love looking up to watch the moon rise and find joy in witnessing its wax and wane, like a nightly show being a mirror to our continual play of dark and light. I love dancing, playing frisbee and listening to live music. I am always in awe of life and all the different ways it represents.

I am Angela DeSalvo and I am passionate about life and all that it represents for me and you. To start your Transformational Soul Work journey, click here.