Can vision and desire be the same? 

Can you claim and live out a joyful, happy life, knowing that hard times are part of the recipe?  Vision can feel fantasy-like, malleable, non-concrete. These are good and challenging qualities that allow us to explore with imagination. 

When you bring desire into the picture it feels more personal. It has a committed quality to it. Yikes, if a commitment has to be made, then what? The body tends to constrict a bit, can you feel that? It puts an expectation on a vision, something that has such a fluid feeling. Commitment requires action and depending on your definition, action might mean perfectionism, no mistakes allowed, action on the behalf of another or it could mean trial and error.


Vision vs. Desire

Where in your life do you feel stuck, like you’re spinning your wheels? You have great ideas and hope to accomplish them “someday” but they haven’t quite taken hold.

Well, from my experience it comes down to vision versus desire. Or more so vision with the action and commitment of desire. Vision with no action is nothing but a whimsical dream. Desire without action is but a disbelief in the ability to carry it through.  In my life, I have had many desires without the companionship of vision. This has kept me desiring freedom, desiring to be chosen, desiring to have it all and not work for it, desiring to have nothing and be ok with that. I didn’t feel worthy of a vision because that meant that my ideas might matter.

My old story had me believing that what I said or thought never mattered, so how could I conjure up a vision in something I had no proof of? This has been unconscious behavior, but as I have done close to a decade of personal exploration, I can speak to the fact that my lack of vision matched with a strong desire has kept me from producing that which I feel proud of and accomplished. Yes, I have a coaching business where I help people uncover their feelings of inadequacy and make friends with the aspects of themselves that they may have rejected up to this point. 


You matter

In total transparency, which is why our work heals us, my most desired goal of writing a book has been dabbled in and skittishly approached for the last 6 years. Well here is my testament to align my vision of having a completed memoir with my desire to actually write it. It will be the hardest, most compelling action I have ever taken in my life. It will be a testament to my desire to reveal that because I exist, I matter, period. What I think, feel, and do matters and because I know this to be true, what I think, feel, and do comes from a baseline intention of doing what matters.

And to matter means taking up space. To exist is to matter, which is woven into our birthright and our birthright is to be able to express oneself.  My desire is for everyone to know that their individual heart-centered expression of self is a vision that deserves to come to fruition in this “one wild and precious life,” as the poet Mary Oliver exclaimed.

The way I see it, we have a choice. We can either be complacent and allow our desires to float on by or we can get focused and craft a vision to actually bring them to life. As I do this for myself, I hope to help you do the same. 

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