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Bodies of water never stay the same and yet there is an element of continuity in its form.
My offerings come from the fluid place in my heart that merges with the energy
that is arising while also being a bystander on the edge of the riverbank, witnessing your journey.


This one-time session is an introduction into Transformational Soul Work

During our 90-minute session, you will experience being seen in a way unlike any other. Prior to our meeting I have been in meditation channeling what your soul needs to tell you. I inform you of your essence according to numerology and basic astrology. I make you aware of the energy of the current year and how it pertains to you personally. The session allows for information to be revealed and shared in a safe and sacred space.


  • New insight into your personal makeup as a human being
  • Validation and or increased understanding of thoughts and feelings that may be current or have been long buried waiting for recognition.
  • Everyone has said they feel calmer and much less anxious at the end of their session.
  • A revitalized sense of self and possibilities.
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The Transformative experience of Soul Work

During these six 90-minute sessions the heart of the work begins.  By this time you have taken the Rheti test from www.enneagraminstitute.com and shared your results with me. 

The sessions take on an organic approach addressing what is arising in the present time while also making the connection to the unspoken underlying issue that is creating unease. With a blend of knowledge from psychological and spiritual teachings, I gently guide you back home to yourself.  Throughout our work together my intention is to guide you back to your true nature by raising awareness to what is occurring and why. This can be subtle work, but profound and transformative when embodied. 

You come away with an Intimate Perspective of Self. Your journey when paid attention to, has a highly unique and beautiful flow and fluidity to it. The answers are already in you, you just need to learn what to listen to.


  • Deeper connection to self which deepens everything else around you.
  • In time you let go of what no longer serves you.
  • You learn to discern between conditioned behavior and choice
  • More presence vs reacting
  • Transformation into your true essence


Group work is conducted in intimate circles of 10 or fewer people over 12 weeks.

 This is where practices and inquiry of the particular self-awareness focus is played out through experiental work. Group coaching may take place. Sharing between participants is encouraged, but not required. Truth begins to arise when the heart feels safe. This is the power of group work. The Human Condition becomes very evident and you no longer feel alone. 


  • Group witnessing
  • Safe sacred space to allow for vulnerability
  • Learn from others through compassion
  • Community built in trust
  • Tools to navigate life’s challenges
  • Transformation through expression of your true nature


This is where I channel someone who has passed over. The messages that have come through have always had a specific meaning for the recipient. You also get a personal reading as well.


  • Feeling of closure and or a sense of relief.
  • Feel lighter
  • Calmer, less anxious knowing your loved one is okay



“After working with Angela my life changed dramatically. She confirmed things about myself that I had intuited were true but been too afraid to fully believe. I had been holding myself back for most of my life, doubting my talents and potential, always haunted with the feeling that I could do/be more than I was living. The unmistakable truth of what she communicated to me about my life gave me the belief in myself to act with authenticity and confidence. Since then, so many things have happened that I had barely dared to hope for, again confirming that I am on my true path.”

– C.W.

“My visit with Angela was a spring board for the spiritual change my soul needed. Our meeting helped to clarify the underline issues I was ignoring in my life. The meditation she received helped me to find the courage within myself and realize my spiritual path. The counseling she gave me provided the tools to follow through with the change I needed.”

– A.T.

“I found the session to be not only healing but uplifting. Angela gives you insight into your grief but more importantly, she taps into how your personality plays a role in how you deal and work with that grief to heal. I highly recommend her!”

– L.E.

“Thank you! The more I understand myself, the better I feel. Accepting who I am is like a welcoming committee to myself. It is a good thing! Learning to love all of me, every aspect. It is a homecoming and full of joy and celebration!”

– R.T.

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Angela DeSalvo



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  • Teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence 
  • Certified Transformational Coach by The Awakened School
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  • Marin Living Feature — Soul Warrior

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