An intimate perspective into yourself

What lies ahead and what has been laid behind, the pause between the two, is where the magic occurs. Having an intimate perspective into yourself is what you need.

The past has brought many lessons, some harder than others. Some recognized.

Many left to fall off without the awareness of what was being revealed. Still though, I, you, we make it to a new day, a new moment, a new place.


What would our life tell us if we actually paid attention?

Life will unravel as it does, on its own accord. If we are to be at a place of calm, of equanimity, it helps to be aware of our own course as it reveals itself to us.
For me, this is portrayed in the way I contact my higher self. I listen and match the cues to what is transpiring in my life. How I choose to welcome or ignore it will create my resonance or my rejection.

I don’t have to like it or agree with it, but I do know that when a connection is made, my direct link to the source is honored and that, along with a deep breath, allows me to trust what lies ahead. At this very moment, I am being guided. I am being shown through my belief in the unknown, that to trust will allow truth to be revealed.

When I began this writing as I glanced at the time it was 1:11 pm ~ a sign of right action and alignment to oneness. The language of the unknown confirming that all is well and on track for me.

I allowed this reminder to let trust lead the way, even though I may have wanted to doubt my desire to write.

I offer you the opportunity to sit back and take on an intimate perspective into your own life. One that I’m certain has been fraught with confusion, sadness, denial, joy, anger, despondency, elation, bitterness, clarity, and doubt. The spectrum of emotion that being human offers us is undeniably a lot. It can be overwhelming or a gateway into one’s own purpose. It all has to do with the way we approach that which we don’t know.


If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty runs the show

It always has, we just construct a reality around a story that we want to believe in order to claim certainty. We believe our stories and validate them regardless if they are good or bad for us. We can fixate and believe if it happened once, it will most likely happen again.

This type of thinking keeps us stuck and reenacting in the present time what we have come to believe from the past.

We convince ourselves that it will certainly happen in the future. This is living on auto-pilot and offers not much more than a repetitive pattern of known behavior. I want to acknowledge that what I am about to offer is not easy, but through witnessing ourselves, we can begin to trust in the unknown. We can learn from the nuances and subtleties of what we can hear in the silence.


Intimate perspective into yourself

An example for me is to be aware when fear or doubt enters into my stream of unconscious thought.

This could play out in me refusing to take the challenging step forward by doing something different than the way I am used to. This would be an act of self-betrayal if I remained in habitual behavior. If I let my ego win, I will forever remain small, frustrated, and ultimately discontent with the way my life is going. I will believe I don’t matter, make excuses, and live with complacency and a false sense of certainty by believing in a story that I have constructed.

The other option which I have learned to choose through staying aware is that I can recognize and thank my ego for again revealing its desire for control and keeping me small. Then through conscious choice, I trust in the unknown and allow life to unravel as it is intended to. I know that I am connected to my higher source and that it will never lead me astray. This is a practice that requires ongoing patience and trust in the unknown.

However, to never take the first step into that which holds uncertainty, which is really most things, then life can lay dormant waiting for the day you allow yourself to become fully expressed.

The big reveal can take on so many forms once the bubble is pierced. Until then, it can feel like an enormous weight with nowhere to go or an unexplained feeling of despondency. Like walking on a contained bed of water, always beneath you, but never offering a solid footing.

There are 2 choices, allow what is and learn to be in the flow. Or resist what is and create further disharmony.

Allow me to take you on a trip of a lifetime through the unleashing of an Intimate Perspective on life. It might just be all you’ve ever needed.

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