According to numerology, 2021 is a universal year of 5 symbolizing change, new experiences, and learning from our mistakes.

As a person who was born into a 5 birth path, I understand this energy. About 14 years ago, my eldest daughter broke her neck. As a care provider, I have approached this difficult situation with the perspective of growth, change, and most important possibility. When statistics have shown that 80% of marriages end due to catastrophic episodes, my family and I have endured and not only survived but have learned to thrive. 

I believe this energy has carried through my daughters as they both embark on their entrepreneurial dreams and change the status quo of who they think they’re societally supposed to be; my eldest in her position as a holistic nutritionist and my youngest as the Editor-in-Chief of her own magazine. 

And now, collectively, we see this change in a new administration and global leadership. While sometimes things may seem out of our control, what we do have power over is our own internal world. How we choose to process emotions, how we choose to react, and how we choose to communicate our individuality in this new world. 

Personally, I like to view life as a conduit for possibility and change even through hardships and pain. Because it is through the pain that we truly transform. 

Numerology suggests 2021 is offering you the chance to make a change in your life. It is giving you a chance to change the status quo of who you think you are and allowing you to find the truth in who you really are. 

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