What if you started Thriving in your Potential rather than Surviving in your Chaos?

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Welcome, Curious One!

I’m Angela DeSalvo and if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that your deepest longing or desire will only be actualized once you face your fear around it. That doesn’t mean the fear totally dissipates, but without turning towards what stops you from achieving what your heart longs for, it will forever have its grip on you.

If you:

ignore your feelings, but are there to “manage” the state of how others are in your presence

make excuses for yourself, but encourage those around you to prosper

project your doubt around your dreams, but secretly wish you were… fill in the blank… 

then you are suffering from the unconscious belief that you don’t matter, are unloveable, aren’t worthy or that you aren’t good enough.


When you find yourself comparing, judging, defending, wishing you were: “like them” or “doing what they are doing”, you are in the deep trance of your personality. You are acting on auto-pilot. You find it difficult to set boundaries, take up space, ask for help, speak your truth, use your voice, create your vision, step into leadership, slow down, have needs, say no.  Instead, you allow the circumstances of life to direct your actions. 

It’s time to disrupt your patterns and live from a conscious, empowered stance. The more you let the external world dictate your value, the more disengaged you are with your innate worth. You survive in your chaos when you could thrive in your potential. 

How Do I Know This?

Because I’ve been there! I grew up in the chaos of unconsciously believing that my words didn’t matter and that I didn’t have any needs. My coping method, or survival tactic, was to take on the role of meeting others needs first and foremost, until I learned how to THRIVE in my Potential. It wasn’t until I was 50 years old, but better late than never, huh?!  

This looked like engagement with others around things that mattered to me. I shared my thoughts and ideas more freely with others. I allowed myself to feel the deep pain and grief I didn’t know existed within me in the context of safe witnessing. I discovered my purpose and passion and began working with people like you!  And, I just recently published my first book that had been a dream of mine from the age of 6. 

I did, and continue to do, the hard work of turning within, trusting and being honest with myself around what is arising in the moment that is asking for my attention.  The support of a safe community and trusted guide is what allows me the space to remain curious with my personal work while also providing me with the resilience to provide this safe place for you as well. I could not do the work I do today, nor publish a book into the world, if I still acted on auto-pilot, believing that my words don’t matter, heck, if I believed that I don’t matter. 

I am more than enough and so are you!

When it comes to trusting someone with your heart and soul, I’ve got you.

Along my own journey of discovering my internal blueprint, I have been able to finesse my innate gifts in order to be more efficient in sharing them with you. 

I am a natural born spiritual medium, intuitive and reader of the Akash. I am able to synthesize your soul’s journey and present it to you in a way that makes sense and leaves you feeling seen.

99% of my clients say I’m “spot on”in reference to the information they receive from the meditation that is done for you when you work 1:1 with me.  


As a vessel for your soul’s message to come through me, the foundation is laid for you to begin an inward journey with me at your side as a compassionate guide. As we work together you begin to reclaim your inherent joy, grace, presence, courage, compassion, freedom, aliveness, clarity, love, tenderness —

you get the picture. You become More of YOU.

I understand there are plenty of options when you are trying to decide who to work with in an area as sensitive as deep personal work.

To help in that decision I am an Intuitive Life and Grief Coach who has an innate skill of accessing the Akash. This, combined with being a natural born spiritual medium, sets me apart from the average Life Coach, in that I am getting a direct line of communication of your journey. This offers a perspective that is unique to you and your internal struggles as well as your innate gifts.

I help you learn how to solve your own internal puzzles based on your own unique blueprint. Together, we pave the way so you can ultimately remember the Truth of Who You Are, as you embody what it is to integrate your spiritual nature with your human existence. 

I am a certified Intuitive Life and Grief Coach, a Certified Transformational Coach and a teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence. I am a student of the Enneagram and the Creator of Transformational Soul Work – a method that came out of my own healing journey of reclaiming myself and unapologetically thriving in my full potential.

I am a lover of life and learning and curious as heck.

But I am also a mother of two daughters, married over 30 years, and the primary caregiver to my oldest daughter, who suffered a spinal cord injury at the age of 15 and became instantly paralyzed from the chest down.

I embody a whole human being infused with gratitude and joy. I am present, awake, and alive to each moment of life, to the best of my ability, I am human after all. I actively cultivate qualities of compassion, for self and others, knowing there is no such thing as perfection.

Growing up with two loving older brothers brought many experiences and emotions. One brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 12, and when I was 15, the other was diagnosed with cancer. Not long after I turned 18, my mother was also diagnosed with cancer. Knowing people should not be reduced to a diagnosis greatly influences my work today.

I am an animal lover and have always had at least one or more dogs at a time. The ocean, or any body of water, always makes things better in life. Hiking in the hills replenishes me. Quality time with people I love fills my soul.


What is it like to work with an Intuitive Life Coach like Angela?


Your initial session begins with a personal intuitive reading. This sets the groundwork for addressing your curiosity, your confusion, your feeling of being stuck, your overwhelm or lack luster attitude towards life. Essentialy it is the icebreaker to what is lurking underneath.


The session(s) take on an organic approach addressing what is arising in present time while also making the connection to the unspoken underlying issue that is creating the unease.


With a blend of knowledge from psychological and spiritual teachings I gently guide you back home to yourself.


Throughout our work together my intention is to guide you back to your true nature. This can be subtle work, but profound and transformative when embodied.

Results from Transformational Soul Work

CLARITY – so you can discern easier and make better decisions

UNDERSTANDING – so you can stand your ground without explanation

PEACE – because you know the difference between your conditioned behavior and your true expression

AUTHENTIC JOY – so you can live in gratitude without trying to create gratitude

GRACE – so you can choose when it’s right for you to say yes … or no

My Intentions

I promise to help you understand yourself from the inside out and discover a sense of clarity.

I promise to guide you to see yourself from an intimate perspective so you can easily access your life force energy.

I promise to show you how to align your inner and outer world so you can live the life you desire.

Is Transformational Soul Work for you?

This is FOR people who


Are ready to be honest with themselves

Are willing to make a commitment to themselves

Are ready to take self-care beyond the spa

Know change happens from the inside out

Want to make a radical and lasting transformation in their life


Are curious how they impact their life

This is NOT for people who


Are comfortable with the status quo in life


Choose blame over accountability


Are closed to expansion and possibility


Reject the opportunity to contact their true selves


Are willing to live another decade in physical, emotional, and relational struggle

Certifications & Recognition

Certification seal for Grief Intuitive, Sue Frederick
Certification seal for Professional Coach, Sue Frederick
Certification seal for Professional Coach, Sue Frederick

Angela DeSalvo



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  • Creator of Transformational Soul Work
  • Certified Intuitive Life & Grief Coach by Sue Frederick
  • Teacher of the Art of Feminine Presence 
  • Certified Transformational Coach by The Awakened School
  • BA in Child Development from Sacramento State University
  • Author of Soul Warrior
  • Marin Living Feature — Transformational Soul Work
  • Keys to the Enneagram Training
  • Marin Living Feature — Soul Warrior

    I stay up to date with current trends and consistently invest in my own development, working with mentors/coaches to help me grow personally and professionally.