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“During my session with Angela, I received a written message that she channeled from my guides about my soul path. It was extremely powerful. I appreciated her calm, caring presence and I felt very validated and “seen” as she clarified the message with me. It feels like I received a sacred text about my own soul blueprint that continues to reveal information to me as I work with it. I am very grateful!”

– B.M.


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Thanks so much. Thank you for helping me, thanks for seeing me and receiving me, allowing me a space to feel comfortable. A place to heal and acknowledge. You’ve been a huge catapult in self growth and self love. This major work that you facilitate. This is rippling out to all my loved ones.
– J.E.

“From Angela’s circle, I learned the value of the wonderful community I have around me and the support it provides. This and the exercises helped give me the insight and courage I needed to make an important life decision.  I am truly grateful for the process.”


“I would like to start off by saying thank you for an incredible experience today. Looking back, I believe the most intense moment for me was when you read my fathers words and his nickname for me. There is absolutely no way you could have ever known any of that…no way. You have a great talent…a great gift and you should be comforted to know that you have touched me and most importantly – helped me. I am so happy to know my father is well and that he is with me all the time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


soft sunset ocean waves

“We met to discuss the death of my father, who died more than 26 years ago. It was a powerful afternoon.  The part of the session that I wasn’t expecting and really appreciated was the metaphysical aspect to it. Angela reminded me of the veil that separates this world and the afterlife. I love the metaphor. The meditation and exercise to release the pain did help. I felt him close by for days. I woke up feeling like I had visited with him.  I loved the birth date analysis. It spoke to me and reminded me of the cyclical nature of life. I found it very inspiring in terms of where I am at professionally with our family business and personally with my babies leaving the nest. Clearly there are layers of grief and I appreciate that our session helped clean up some scar tissue left behind. It invigorated me and provided me with some stepping stones as I move through to my next stage in life.  I found our session very interesting, deeply spiritual and very practical.”


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Angela DeSalvo



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