"I felt so seen by you, by divine, by my self — I laughed out loud at a few different points because it was so right on point- it was so much truth and so focused. You have such a wild gift and skill to see the honest and pure truth of someone’s essence and be able to verbalize it." - E.C.

"I felt so seen by you, by divine, by my self — I laughed out loud at a few different points because it was so right on point- it was so much truth and so focused. You have such a wild gift and skill to see the honest and pure truth of someone’s essence and be able to verbalize it." - E.C.





“After working with Angela my life changed dramatically. She confirmed things about myself that I had intuited were true but been too afraid to fully believe. I had been holding myself back for most of my life, doubting my talents and potential, always haunted with the feeling that I could do/be more than I was living. The unmistakable truth of what she communicated to me about my life gave me the belief in myself to act with authenticity and confidence. Since then, so many things have happened that I had barely dared to hope for, again confirming that I am on my true path.”  -  C.W. 

“Thank you. Your work is efficient and powerful.” - T.L.

“Angela DeSalvo is very grounded and centered in her work offerings. She holds a safe space to explore feelings and encourages deeper work. During my reading, we illuminated fears that were hlding me back in my life. Through our session, I felt like I could finally let go of some outdated internalized beliefs about myself that were no longer helpful. That is where the transformation happened, inviting me to see myself anew. Thank you Angela.” - K.S.
“My visit with Angela was a spring board for the spiritual change my soul needed. Our meeting helped to clarify the underline issues I was ignoring in my life. The meditation she received helped me to find the courage within myself and realize my spiritual path. The counseling she gave me provided the tools to follow through with the change I needed.” - A.T.


“Amazingly accurate to where I am, who I am and where I am going.” - M.G.


“During my session with Angela, I received a written message that she channeled from my guides about my soul path. It was extremely powerful. I appreciated her calm, caring presence and I felt very validated and “seen” as she clarified the message with me. It feels like I received a sacred text about my own soul blueprint that continues to reveal information to me as I work with it. I am very grateful!” - B.M.



“I found the session very helpful, taking the time to meditate and opening my mind to letting me hear and feel. Also, giving me a certain sense of peace. This is such an unimaginable process , losing a child, yet with these tools I believe it will aid me tremendously through this grief process.” - P.S. 
“I would like to start off by saying thank you for an incredible experience today. Looking back, I believe the most intense moment for me was when you read my fathers words and his nickname for me. There is absolutely no way you could have ever known any of that…no way. You have a great talent…a great gift and you should be comforted to know that you have touched me and most importantly – helped me. I am so happy to know my father is well and that he is with me all the time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - E.A.

"I found the session to be not only healing but uplifting. Angela gives you insight into your grief but more importantly she taps into how your personality plays a role in how you deal and work with that grief to heal. I highly recommend her!” - L.E.

“We met to discuss the death of my father, who died more than 26 years ago. It was a powerful afternoon.  The part of the session that I wasn’t expecting and really appreciated was the metaphysical aspect to it. Angela reminded me of the veil that separates this world and the afterlife. I love the metaphor. The meditation and exercise to release the pain did help. I felt him close by for days. I woke up feeling like I had visited with him.  I loved the birth date analysis. It spoke to me and reminded me of the cyclical nature of life. I found it very inspiring in terms of where I am at professionally with our family business and personally with my babies leaving the nest. Clearly there are layers of grief and I appreciate that our session helped clean up some scar tissue left behind. It invigorated me and provided me with some stepping stones as I move through to my next stage in life.  I found our session very interesting, deeply spiritual and very practical.” - L.R.



“I have been in circle with Angela for close to a year. This includes two separate women circles. This is my first experience in a women's group and have found it to be very beneficial. It has encouraged and allowed me to be more vulnerable and expressive with my feelings. Angela has done a wonderful job of setting and holding space for each of us to be able to come forward, in our own manner, and explore and share those aspects of ourselves that we have a tendency to keep in the shadows. Angela brings a lot of real world experience to the group and is very forthcoming and real, something I require and deeply appreciate. Also, her gentleness of spirit and calming voice is very complimentary to her already wonderful demeanor. It has been an enlightening experience and one that I highly recommend.” - M.G.
***Note - not all circles are gender specific

"From Angela's circle, I learned the value of the wonderful community I have around me and the support it provides. This and the exercises helped give me the insight and courage I needed to make an important life decision.  I am truly grateful for the process." - S.K.

“Working with Angela and the amazing women I grew close with was meaningful beyond measure. I was able to tap into myself and learn things that I never took the time to do before. Angela makes you work, not just vent to a therapist, but really work at what it is that drives you and what you can do to repair and grow as a wife, mother and friend. 

The format and structure was perfect for a small group, everyone had a chance to share their week and discuss what they want out of the weekly session. She guided us, gave us exercise to then do with each other and facilitated enough to where you were able to explore some deep emotions, but would pull you back in with love and support if you needed a shoulder to lean into. Every session, I felt like a layer was shed and I had a deeper sense of who I was and how I was connected to my community and family. 

Angela has a way of bringing out the things we don't want to face, but must if we want to be the best versions of ourselves. If I could describe her favorite ability, it would be how she held me emotionally accountable with her mindful exercises. It was a nice change from my usual "self-help" tools like running, breathing, yoga..it was intense journaling, question and answer practices and meditation that stuck with me even two years later.” - L.F.
Transformational Soul Work - Angela DeSalvo
Transformational Soul Work - Angela DeSalvo
Transformational Soul Work - Angela DeSalvo