The message is Unity

The message is Oneness

The message is Compassion


not separateness


Listen to the bigger message – Worldwide Pandemic


Listen to the silent message — the  virus.


WE are ALL in this TOGETHER


There can no longer be US vs THEM mentality.


Mother speaks through nature so we pay attention.


In the past it has been through natural disasters: tsunamis, earthquakes of different magnitudes, famine, drought, fires ~ lots of fires.


We sit up a little straighter when  these occurrences  directly affected us.


Though, in the past We feel grateful it wasn’t “us” and think how bad for “them.”


The humanitarian efforts come in, as that is the job that must be upheld for humanity.


Mother Nature has been getting louder as the years go on for ALL of humanity to sit up a little straighter, a little taller.


To take notice!


We can no longer have the mindset of US vs THEM as the collective thought.


This mentality doesn’t serve the collective, it serves factions.


A virus, by definition sets out to damage or shutdown a system or network.


In relationship to the system of collective  consciousness, Mother Nature has attempted to speak to her people through her native voice ~ natural environmental disruption ~ and while it has awoken a percentage of the population, the consciousness or mindset of US vs THEM, has not shifted in a direction that can sustain itself in a manner that needs to be WE.


This virus, has come  to shutdown a system that is not working.


As a global pandemic it is imperative to see, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER ~ there is no denying that.  Everyone is affected somehow, someway.


So, in this time of shutdown from life running as “normal”, the shutdown, imposed by the virus ~ regardless of how it arrived ~ is asking


that WE take note.


It’s asking


that WE to slow down


It’s asking


that WE re-evaluate

how to function.


In our work, our families, our communities, our relationships.


What will that looks like?


What will  best serve the individual, in relationship to life?


Life,  is not an island. Relationships run a productive, healthy life.


So, in this time while Mother Nature begins to recalibrate through the cleaner air in China and the clear water in Venice.


It is imperative for US, the human race, to see and treat everyone WE come into contact with the heartfelt knowing that no one is better than another.


While our personal circumstances will paint a different picture of what WE look like, it is incumbent upon each of us to live by the golden rule ~


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


WE have all heard this or learned this at sometime in life, but we’ve forgotten on a collective level.


Mother Nature demands WE listen this time.


Her force has demanded US to isolate.


It’s a collective time-out, to think about what WE’ve done and what WE’re going to do.


Let US ALL use this precious, sacred time, (that many are possibly to afraid to admit the relief and welcomed slow down, because “the machine”, the system that so many are used to functioning in, hasn’t allowed it as acceptable);

let US embrace it and give thanks and gratitude for a force bigger than ourselves.


A force that came in like a Lion and will go out like a Lamb, because


This To Shall Pass.


Mama told me so.


Angela DeSalvo